This 6-Day programme rapidly builds the competencies that are critical to successful innovation within the modern business environment. As well as providing an excellent foundation in modern business practices, the programme is focused squarely on developing strategies, procedures and environments that maximise innovation and creativity to build value and develop competitive advantage.

Participants will develop a comprehensive, cross functional action plan (specific and unique to each individual) that can be used to create and ingrain successful thinking, attitudes, and healthy growth mentality amongst their own team – whilst building a compelling and rewarding environment with improved systems and streamlined processes; better planning; greater organisational alignment; and reduced frustration.

The interactive nature of the programme, with practical workplace application, is designed to generate immediate and positive performance improvement and value creation – whether it is in product development; increased sales / revenues; cost optimization; or productivity. The tools ensure concepts can be immediately applied in the workplace – with quantifiable performance metrics.

International Certification

Candidate will receive a Certificate from British Institute of Research Development

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